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Frequently Asked Questions


We provide you with the best services from machine renting to buying, job hunting to freelancing, updates of international exhibitions, Blog posting and a lot more all on one portal ! Our platform will help industries save time and find appropriate resources & also be of service to all growing industries to scale up their skills & competencies.

There are basically 2 ways to sign up; that is as an "Individual" or as an "Organization". The difference between the two is that as an organization you will be able to hire/rent & even buy machines, post job vacancies, display your specialized services; everything that an organization needs whereas as an Individual you will be able to post freelancing profile & find jobs that best suits your field of interest.

Feature wise -

  • As an Organization you will be able to operate all the features of the website except "Freelancing".
  • As an Individual you will be able to operate only "Freelancing" and "Blog".

However in both the accounts you will be able to view everything that's present on the Book My Tool website.

Every user including the admin of the website has the authority to read your details.


Anyone with a "Business Organization" account can add a machine.

  • (Add) = Log in to Business Organization account -- Machine -- + Add Machine -- (Fill in the necessary details & Submit for admin approval) -- (Admin approves after verification & your machine gets displayed on the website).
  • (Edit) = Log into your Business Organization account --- My Profile -- My Machines -- Edit
  • (Delete) = Log into your Business Organization account -- My Profile -- My Machines -- Delete

Every user of the website can view your uploaded machines.

Contact the machine owner. Go to Machine -- View Information (You will find the necessary contact details of the machine owner).


Organization specializing in one particular service or multiple services will post the specifications & description of their specialized tool(s), any user interested in their service can check their description by clicking on View Details.

Buy & Sell
  • Buy/Sell - Here you can buy any machine that is uploaded by the supplier and sell any owned machine by logging in to your Business organization account, the necessary details of the machine along with the contact details of the supplier is provided in View Information.
  • Inventory - Here you can post any sought of inventory that you possess along with its necessary details using your Business Organization account, the contact details are provided in View Information in order to facilitate a trade.
Job Portal & Freelancing
  • Job Portal - The entries in the job portal can be made only through an organization account, the job details can be viewed by any user, but in order to have access to the email address of the organization who has posted the job vacancy you need to log into your "Individual" or "Organization" account.
  • Freelancing - The entries in Freelancing can be made only through an Individual account (restricted to 1 entry per account), your freelancing profile can be viewed by anyone using the website.

You can use the filter option in Job Portal to find job vacancies in one particular field, if you have no luck finding your desired job there, you can create a freelancing profile using your Individual account.


The Details of International Exhibition & Programmes happening around the world is posted here.

You can contact us via mail or call to let us know what you want to advertise about, we will send you our requirements for posting your advertisement on our Website & App and once we receive the same your advertisement will get displayed on our site.

You can post your thoughts, ideas & experiences here.

PS. You need to be logged-in to your Individual or Organization account to post blogs.

Need further assistance? Mail here