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Category :

Plastic Mold, Tooling Industry

There are a variety of plastics processing methods. In that most used is Injection molding , so will discuss about this Basically In injection molding, the plastic material will be in granule form. It is dropped into a hopper where it is fed into the barrel. Inside the barrel the plastic granules melt and are fed towards the mold. Inside the mold, the molten plastic is cooled with either cooling tower or chilled water. This process cooling water is fed through many small channels within the mold. As the cooling water travels through the mold, it removes heat from the plastic. When the cycle is complete, the mold opens and ejects the finished product. In injection molding process plastic can be formed into a variety of shapes like Automobile parts, Plastic food containers, Electric connectors House hold items Toys and rubber parts etc... Basically Injection molding can follow below steps STEP 1: THE MOLD CLOSES STEP 2: INJECTION. The heated plastic is injected into the mold STEP 3: COOLING STEP 4: PLASTICIZING THE RESIN STEP 5: EJECTION STEP 6: REMOVING THE RUNNER AND PACKAGING. Below are the most common thermoplastics used in injection molding Process ABS PP PC+ABS NYLON 6 NYLON66 PC ASA POM LDPE HDPE

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