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3D Printing to Create a Prototype

Category :

Plastic Mold, Tooling Industry, CAD/CAM

3D printing is changing the plastic industry all over the world. This model of building prototypes is starting to gain more attention. 1. Better Design In the past, prototypes were used as a way to test designs. While that’s still true, there is significantly more room for flexibility at this stage than ever before thanks to 3D printing. The traditional manufacturing process required distinct stages. These stages all relied on digital models, and these came with limitations. 2. Manufacturing as a Service Manufacturing as a service is something that bloomed thanks to 3D printing. We are seeing companies with infrastructure built to support multiple design and production efforts for several clients, all while using the same 3D printing technology. 3. Less Waste The average waste from a traditional manufacturing is 21% of the materials. Not only does 3D printing reduce overall waste of materials to below 10%, but it also reduces carbon emissions substantially. 4. Higher Utilization 3D printers can print up to 20 different types of products. It can also print them rapidly one after the next without needing to switch systems. This is a big improvement on the traditional method. 5. Encourage Innovation Finally, one of the most important ways 3D printing improves the creation of prototypes is through the introduction of further innovation.

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